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Sliding door systems

"Sevroll" offers carpenters and designers one of the largest in 
alluminum selection of profile systems throughout Lithuania

Furniture accessories

Choose the right materials from a wide range
of "Sevroll" and other furniture details

Sliding doors

We make modern sliding doors with
"Sevroll" high quality systems

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sevroll strengths
Lifetime warranty
Our lifetime warranty applies to all Sevroll green carriages for sliding doors. This warranty confirms that top and bottom carriages are made of high quality steel, resistant to deformation. Our original products are easily recognised by green carriages or by a green ring.
High quality
Our systems are characterised by reliability, ease of assembly, safety of use and functionality. This has been confirmed by a multitude of awards and achievements for industrial designs, as well as patent rights. We were first to offer a lifetime guarantee for our products.
Established brand
The Sevroll brand holds a strong market position. Sevroll has become recogniscible thanks to high quality products. Brand stability was achieved through consistent trade and advertising policies. Our partners have a high level of trust in us allowing Sevroll’s market position to be constantly growing.
Wide assortment
For 20 years Sevroll-System has been offering the widest selection on the market for sliding, folding and pull-apart door systems, as well as systems for built-in wardrobes and finishing profiles. We have been constantly searching for and introducing, new, better technological, construction and material solutions.

The official
partner in Lithuania

JSC “Dajakuta”
The company has over 20 years of experience in the furniture industry. After starting as particle board manufacturers, the company consistently continued to develop our business over the years. As the company grew, it gradually expanded its assortment by including furniture fittings, various materials, fasteners. Later, it expanded to become the official Lithuanian partner of Sevroll, a well-known Polish brand producing sliding door and furniture systems.

sevroll global brand

23 years of experience and export to 30 countries in Europe make Sevroll a global expert in the production and sales of aluminum systems for sliding, folding, pull-apart doors. The company offers a broad spectrum of innovative interior and cabinetry solutions designed to complement any space by providing high functionality and elegant design.